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From concept to completion, you can find your perfect marketing collaboration at Black Bamboo Design,
where the best creations are formed in teams.

Graphic design

Focusing on minimalism and strong design, we cover a wide range of services, from branding to print layouts to digital marketing.


Experienced in UX & UI, we can design your website in Wordpress or WIX, or we can work alongside your team of developers to bring your brand to life!


Developing big ideas, managing brainstorms. We conceptualise & execute creative ways and activations to allow maximum impact for your brand.


Experienced in working alongside photographers and videographers for the most impactful advertising for your message to the market.


Experienced in drone filming, brand promotional reels and video editing, we use state of the art equipment to capture your ideas beautifully.

Creative Work

Please select one of the categories below to see each creative portfolio.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact me for more specific projects, as not all work is displayed online.

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Megan has been brilliant, she

helped create our Brand for

our property firm and put us on the road to building something really cool.

Her work is modern and she

is quick to deliver on asks

plus uses a creative license to make something even better!

Robert Lloyd Properties


 Meg was responsive and

collaborative. Together we created a solution to a rather difficult challenge - to create

icons that captured the

essence of rather complex

ideas - while being simple and elegant. Very happy with

the results.

Learning 4.0


Meg is absolutely professional

and makes the cooperation

smooth and easy.

She masters the balance

between visual and text communication and between implicit and explicit design. I recommend

working with her very much.



The quality of Meg's work is

first rate! She was always very

flexible with her time and

consistently met all deadlines

and targets. Megan was

very easy to work with,

picking up the ball and

running with it without huge

direction. All in all very satisfied.

Sunny Laundromat App


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